FULLy Booked!

FULLy Booked!
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ristorante delle Mitre

Ristorante delle Mitre
Address: Gen. Luna corner Real St.Intramuros, Manila (Right in front of San Agustin Church)
Budget: 100pesos-200/meal
Before Julius leaves for work, He invited me for a jog and have an Intramuros trip, he said that we're going to have a breakfast date in a "HOLY RESTAURANT". I got curious about what he means by "HOLY". He said that It's a restaurant where Bishops dine. For the love of food and of course him, I agreed.

After Doing half of our Intramuros trip and Practicing my photography skills, our stomachs starts to scream for food, so we decided to eat, unfortunately, we can't find it. we asked the people who works in Intramuros and shame on them, they don't even know where Mitre is! Luckily, with great instinct, Julius was able to locate the place=)

Upon entering, I noticed that the place is cozy and very homey. So i took some of the pictures inside the restaurant.

Then a pleasant waitress handed us the menu... Check 'em out! all of their foods are reasonably cheap! After all, It's a sin to overly priced the foods...=))

We waited for some ample time and while waiting, again, I took some pictures inside...

This is what Mitre is. And I'm Overwhelmed when I found out that they do hire people with hearing disabilities, Indeed, this place is Holy!

Check that out! Their Sue Chef is a nun!

Finally! Our orders Arrived!!! 
Crispy Calamares Rice Toppings with Sweet Chili Sauce for me
Price: Php98
Serving: Good for 1

Gambas Al Ajillo
Price: Php78
Serving: Good for 2

Price: Php 78
Serving: Good for 2

Pancake Rolled with Mango
Price: 68
Serving: 2 rolls, good for 2.
I enjoyed our breakfast there, a whole new holy experience! A blessing to Me, a sinful Gluttony!


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  1. Hi Tin-tin, glad you posted the menu. It was very helpful when deciding which ones to eat first :) I tried the adobo with olive oil. Yum! :)


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